Unravel ABC true crime podcast


New season of Unravel ABC Podcast I do the mixing, sound design, composing, music stuff. Would love to hear what you think of it. Still learning a lot about scoring and mixing and getting balance of sound design and music… do subscribe and leave me some cryptic 5 star reviews please! Ideally a few PM for Maths would be ideal. I did use Maths after all :smile:

Used the Doepfer Shepard tone module a bit. Meant I had to use all my oscillators and v/oct res filters… and lots of vca.

The Dewanatron Triple Slice osc module and the Verbos HO made some great drone beds. Going to try make binaural beat beds for episode 2 I’m doing right now using them too.



Looking forward to hearing this! Do you have any other links to the program for those of us who don’t use Apple apps? :slight_smile:


Sorry yeah! Should be available in all podcast apps. And here is the homepage


top top stuff!


Thanks for checking it out!


This is great. Both the production and the podcast itself. Will keep an ear out for the next episode! Out of curiosity, how’d you get involved with producing/composing for podcasts for the ABC?


Thanks for checking it out Lewis!

Took a while, been there for about 8 years contract to contract, started composing music for features I got to work on and then slowly people liked it - now people trust me enough to do series’. But yeah took a while and all the hardware, gear, software etc is mine. The tax payer is not paying for my modules :smile: