Using pedals with modular

I’ve never used effects pedals before, I’m ignorant about the pedal universe and I’m curious how people use them with their set ups.

I’ve seen modules which let you output at line level via 1/4" to a pedal, take the the processed audio back and convert back to eurorack levels.

Does anyone use pedals in an external mixer send > pedal > external mixer return set up? I’ve got enough 1/4" outputs in my rack that I could isolate some specific parts and run out to a dedicated external mixer channel for this, but I’m wondering newbie-ishly whether that’s not something you’d do.

And, if I’ve already got a few delays, reverbs, distortions and a phaser in the rack and 3 sends of my in-rack Befaco mixer, is there anything fundamental that a pedal could bring to the mix that couldn’t be done in the rack? Or are pedals about saving rack space and/or getting characteristic tastes specific to maker/model pedals?

I use the pedal input/output 1U module in my Intellijel case. Only mono but I often run the pedal output straight into my interface for recording. Also use the send return on my Magneto out pedals for cool feedback fx. As you said, it does save rack space. Mainly use it with reverb pedals ( Walrus Fathom atm )

Cheers. I’m guessing it’s also easier to use a pedal than get your foot up onto an effects module while you’re fingers are occupied elsewhere in the rack.

I used a delay and/or reverb pedals for a while, with the doepfer 138d. Pros were saving space in the rack, and much cheaper than module effects; cons were extra cabling/power and not modulateable (at least with the pedals I had). I really like reverb.

Now I’m running through a small audio interface into the ipad for fx-- pros and cons are pretty much the same, but there’s many more and better fx; apps are cheaper than pedals, they can be midi modulated, I can send midi into the rack as well, and record/loop as I want. It’s made me happy enough that I’ve given my pedals to my nephew who’s a budding guitarist.

I use a few pedals with my modular set-up as well as modular FX. A few delays and a a couple of reverbs from Boss, plus a weird pitch shifting delay from Red Panda called Particle which works really well with synths etc. This track was completely done live using that said set-up… although I may have not used the Space Echo, my memory is a bit hazy on that one!

Thanks @gregor and @nowires.

I picked up an Eventide H9 and a Styrmon AA.1 (the latter to get the former speaking my modular). The H9 does some lovely effects, but I don’t see this as a start of a big pedal collection. I also picked up a ES-8 recently, with its ADAT letting me send 4 lines of modular into Ableton and get 8 lines back. That leaves me thinking along gregor’s lines - I can probably be happy with some set-and-forget FX in Ableton, with the modular signal going out and coming back in via the ES-8, maybe mapping some parameters on the Ableton FX to some midi controller knobs.

The ES-8 and an upcoming move to a larger place is tempting me to also start venturing into quadraphonic/hexaphonic sound…