Vinyl setup help


I’ve got an Audio Technica LP-120: I’m happy with it but am looking to improve.

3 things I’m keen to get an opinion on:

  1. amplifier (currently using the onboard one running in to my mixer and studio monitors)

  2. speakers (continue with monitors or get some proper sound systems ones? Budget $600)

  1. Cartridge (stock on seems ok but what others should I consider?)



I run a similar setup ( akai bt500 with onboard amp ) but added a presonus temblor 10’" sub to my monitors ( jbl lsr350s ) and it now sounds massive. So much so that my mate who spends his whole life collecting vinyl and updating his sound system was blown away with the sound. Btw, I’m no audiophile so take my advice with caution lol.


I’ve got a dj setup at home with some Reloop turntables, Shure cartridge, Xone mixer, Yamaha integrated amp and good quality hifi speakers. Played around upgrading the system and tried a hifi cartridge, the Ortofon 2M blue which made a massive improvement to the sound. Also tried a small < $200 phono pre and found it bumped up the definition but not as much as upgrading the cartridge.

For the price around $250 for the Ortofon it was well worth the upgrade and the biggest bang for buck improvement.