What are your favourite drum modules?

What are your favourite drum modules? I’m thinking of picking a few up.

I haven’t tried too many but I’ve got a lot of mileage from the Tea Kick and Basimilus Iteritas Alter. Tea Kick is a solid analogue kick with a lot of character and the BIA is very versatile.

Neuron by Audio Damage, sadly no longer made. pr0k drums from Thonk. Befaco kickAll. FutureRetro Transient (although the UI is infuriating). Erica Pico Drum.

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panda hats

I’ve recently bought six drum modules and it’s a hard choice to name my favourite one but at the moment it would be Erica Synths Sample Drum for the sheer versatility of what you can do with it when modulating it and choosing which sample/ which slice of the sample/ pitch and other parameters. The attached track is all Sample Drum sequenced via Malekko Varigate 8+ and modulated by the Voltage Block. Also really loving the Noise Engineering modules I’ve recently purchased- MI, CIP, and BIA

Track made with Sample Drum being the only sound source.

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pharmasonic syncussion and DFAM!

Mutant drums for sure! The Jupiter Storm/Galilean Moons also rocks but its freaking huge to just use as two percussion sources. Was gonna sell it for that reason, but its just too good at making random percussive bits. The cyclebox is also rather awesome in percussion mode.

Kickall. For what it is, it does a lot. I just made this, using Kickall as the only sound source:

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