What sequencer would u guys recommend?


Only got a korg sq1 and looking for something to replace it, which sequencer would u recommend?


Depends what you need but I like Eloquencer because it’s performance focused, has great probability options and has 8 tracks.

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I do like my Voltage Block. 8 CV channels. But no Gate per track. I use the VG8+ for the gates.
The Golt is a wonderfully versatile XoX style sequencer made by an Aussie. 2CV gate with varied possibility.
Rene, especially the old V1 is a bargain to be had at the moment. Very versatile. 2 channels.
Besides that I have a SQ1 and enjoy it, and use hardware like the Elektron Keys to sequence as well.
Don’t discount a good quantizer and arpeggiator. I use my WMD Arpitect a lot. And just acquired a Instruo Harmonaig. Quantizers can be gold.

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I like my tiptop z8000, and the sequencer in o_c is great too. Heard a lot of good things about voltage block, im a massive Malekko fan, but opted for a different style of sequencer with no frills.

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I use Performer these days. Feature packed and great value.

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Yes im now between per former & eloquencer, cannot make the decision…


I’m about to sell a bunch of Sequencers - including a ER-101 and others - pm me if you are interested.


thanks Paul, I’ve already got an eloquencer


Second hand Mk1 Rene is the best value to be had in eurorack at the moment. As long as it works ok with your power, it can do some much for the $300 or whatever people are asking.