What to use for 16 tracks?

Any ideas for how to send 16 mono tracks out of the euro into an interface?

How many channels do you have on your interface?


have you considered using 16 audio cables?

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sorry i meant what module/s would be best, not literally how to get the signal to the interface, I have cables :sweat_smile:

Ahh, the beauty of a question that shows a modicum of effort.

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If it’s a motu 16A you’re using, mine seems to take euro signals direct pretty happily. I just bought some 1/8in to 14/in cables.

I suppose what I was trying to get at, was if you have 16 independent tracks coming out of your modular, then the controls to manipulate them are going to be scattered all over the place and probably buried in cables becoming painful to manipulate 16 tracks in real time… so wondering how people work around this. the obvious answer would be to get a mixer but im interested in euro solutions… heres what i decided to go with… basically a ghetto mixer in euro form but it has independent cv with attenuation on all 18 channels.

I go straight out from the linix into a Fireface UC with no issues