Hey just a thread of pcbs i have available and their BOMs/Build Guides, will update as i get new stuff.

CEM3340 Oscillator 6hp
LP292 Low Pass Gate 8hp
MS137 Single 12dB VCF - 6hp
MS237 Dual 12dB VCF - 8hp
MS313 Sequential Switch - 8hp
MS505 Dual Cycling AD/AR - 8hp
SEQ1010 10 Step Sequencer (v2 coming soon) - 14hp

Happy to answer any questions, have a couple of new things in the prototype stage at the moment that should be up in the next few weeks.



the 237 is a dual MS20 filter? i have one on vero but it’s pretty janky, would be keen on grabbing a PCB if you are selling them, looks great. and/or if you’re interested in swapping for a sin phi miasma (SMD rampage - http://www.sinphi.com/synths/miasma/miasma.html) PCB set as i have a few spares.


Yeah it’s very similar to the MS20, uses the same OTA+Darlington Buffer arrangement and the same clipped resonance. A set of PCBs and panels would be $30 :slight_smile:

I have another two envelopes/slope designs coming so I might be ok for the miasma, thing looks awesome though :eyes:

no probs, yeah miasma is excellent, i’ve built 2 i don’t need any more! or maybe i do.

all sounds good, just lemme know best payment method and i’ll get onto it.

I’d be up for a MS505.

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What is the switch used on the MS137? Picked up a DPDP from Jaycar but it is slightly larger and doesn’t fit the PCB. Just after my order was shipped from Tayda for all the pots :roll_eyes:

I’ve been using this one, but it needs to have the solder tags trimmed a little bit to fit. I clipped them in half (vertically so they’re little pins) and fitted it that way. The new boards (237) have this fixed but I haven’t ordered any 137 boards since fixing it.

137B is going to have lp/bp/hp with buffered outs and no switch.

Ok, looks basically the same as the Jaycar switch. I’ll give that a try.

What’s in V2?

It’ll be pretty similar but with manual clock and reset switches and an inbuilt clock (which can be used as an independent LFO if clocked externally). Updating all the naming/design conventions to match the others.

Also making a 10HP MS1010B (first probably), with switches to send each step to either the reset or combined gate out.

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