You know what I like? Modules!

At the moment I’m loving the shuffle on the eloquencer. Yes, it can make your system a bit of a groove box, but hot damn, does it sound funky. I initially resisted using it because I was worried it’d detract from my system’s ‘modular ness’ but now I can’t live without it.

Any modules ya’ll can’t live without?

Oscillosaurus Crosscaler! So much handiness.

Low-Gain CVP -1 I got from @sammus187. I’ve got many other things that will attenuvert, but there’s something about this module that make it a pleasure to use.

1010 Music Bitbox. I don’t use anywhere near its full functionality. I just really like being able to call up scenes of 16 easily accessible samples to trigger manually or from a trigger source.

Xaoc Batumi + Poti. Simple to use, provides clear visual feedback on frequency.

Mordax Datas. I like to watch, so much that I got 2 of them.

If I can introduce an additional category - what combinations of modules can’t I live without: NLC Triple Sloths into Wrong Vector Space.

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I too have a Batumi and an oscilloscope. I love learning about the science of the waves behind the bleeps. Being able to visualise what exactly is happening is invaluable.

What’s the gist of this? Sounds rad!

Passive dual crossfader in 2 hp! Attenuator, crossfader, mixer…something for every patch!

Plus it’s an inexpensive, easy diy, and ‘Aussie’.

Go utilities! The unsung heroes of a system.

Beatstep Pro.

My modular would be pretty boring to me without it. Need that immediate rhythmic control. Although, I’ve just got a Digitakt, and I’m suspecting it might end up replacing a lot of the BSP functionality. Nothing beats the BSP so far for live beat mangling with quick step changes and the roller/looper. The new Keystep Pro looks like it’ll be even better though, and if I was made of cash I’d swap it out pretty quickly, or keep both…

Malekko Voltage block is the most useful for adding arbitrary modulation, for me.

Yeah I’ve heard great things about the Voltage Block. You’ve inspired me to pull out my BSP too.

metropolis! possibly the first sequencer ive used thats actually fun?