Zahl AM1 Mixer with CV Controllable Channels


New mixer that has been in development for a while its seems, now beginning to see the light of day promotional wise. Mark Ernestus (founder or Hardwax and half of basic channel) along with Michael Zähl have collaborated to design the AM1. There is the option to add CV Controllable channels. Zähl goes into some detail about the CV controls in the bottom video of the second link. Pretty crazy stuff.

Now where did I leave that spare arm and leg

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Will report back in Feb when the cv channel strip lands at Free Energy Device studio. Try get some good video/audio of it in action. Actually I’ll see if Richie is keen on having a show off session… anyone keen on checking the mixer and it’s cv capabilities?


If I can not see a price I am assuming it’s pricy. Any idea how much?


Don’t know sorry but can find out


Thanks but no need. I was just making an observation.
Seems like it would be pricey. Especially considering it’s the first of it’s kind.
Wait for a few more mixer manufactures to come into the game and the price might come down a bit.

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The CV channel is almost at Free Energy Device studios so we’ll have some real life audio and video soon.

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